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This is me


Growing up in a small village in the Waldviertel, my family and I were gripped by the desire to travel early on and we always looked forward to the annual trip to Italy by the sea. After further travels in Europe, I explored Asia as well as Australia and New Zealand with my sisters in 2012. At that time I discovered my love for dance and the Spanish language and so the next travel destination was clear: I was backpacking twice in South America. Back in Vienna, I devoted a lot of time to my work, but also to my many hobbies: dancing, cycling, hiking, meeting friends, reading and meditating. Since March 2019, my greatest attention has been my little family with daughter Amora.


As a native of the Waldviertel, I found myself in an office after graduating from high school and was a translator of descriptions of aircraft test benches. Anyone who knew me knew very quickly that this wasn't my dream job. I started training as a medical masseur and fitness instructor at the Dungl Health Center. After successfully completing my degree, I wanted to get to know the “big, wide world”, so I moved to Vienna and worked there as a med. masseuse. Working as a masseuse soon became boring for me and I was looking for new challenges - I was all the happier when I was able to start the academy for physiotherapy in Horn in 2005. In the world of physiotherapy, I first specialized in neurology for 4 years (various rehabilitation centers) and decided in 2012 to become a freelancer. As a freelance therapist, I strive to continue my education. Most recently, I was particularly interested in the influence of the psyche on the human body. 

my philosophy

I am convinced that everyone knows best what is good for them. It is therefore important to me in therapy to get my patients on board and to treat problems together in a solution-oriented manner. Our body, mind and soul are strongly connected and I see my work as a very challenging but also very beautiful way to bring us back into balance and to let problems/pain go.

Especially in today's fast-moving and high-tech times, in which you hardly meet anyone every day who is not  in a hurry or makes statements like "I'm so stressed again", people are more than ever required to listen to the language of his body. The technology brings many advantages, but it also harbors the danger that people feel themselves less and less. It is my heart's desire to accompany the people I meet on their journey of discovery and to help them become masters of their own self. 

Phone: 0043 680 134 63 47

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