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patient info

First visit – assessment:

To start your physiotherapy, you need a medical prescription from your general practitioner, specialist or hospital doctor. You should have this prescription approved by your health insurance company before the therapy and take it with you to your first appointment.

In order to be able to treat you in the best possible way, a detailed discussion with a subsequent physical diagnosis takes place in the first therapy unit. Please bring existing findings (current X-rays, operation protocols,...) and comfortable clothing with you (changing and shower facilities are available).


Reimbursement of the therapy amount:

At the end of the therapy you will receive a fee note, which you can send to your health insurance company together with your prescription. According to the tariff regulations of your health insurance company, you will be reimbursed part of your therapy costs.

If you have additional insurance, you also have the option of submitting another part of the therapy costs to your supplementary insurance.

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