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What is the best way to prepare for a reading?

In general, please note the following:

  • Please refrain from drinking alcohol or drugs 24 hours before the reading, as this would lower your field of vibration so that we might not be able to access your chronicle, or only have unstable access to it. Also, we want to enter your Akashic Record with a respectful and mindful attitude.

  • I will send you a declaration of consent in advance. With your signature you allow me to open your AC.

  • Think carefully about your question, because the more specific your question and the clearer your intention, the more precise the answers we will get for you.

  • After the session it is helpful if you have some time to yourself after the session before you return to your everyday life. Let what has been said sink in.

  • Give your soul time for its healing process and be gentle and patient with yourself!

For online readings:

  • Have pen and paper ready. It's helpful to take notes as you read so you can review the answers later. This also supports you in implementing new behaviors and discarding old patterns. Also, as you write something down, deep insights can come into your consciousness. In addition, you will usually receive a task that you should repeat after the reading in order to promote the change process in the long term.

  • Make sure you are not disturbed during the reading. 

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